Since 2007 we are building robots for education, participating at Robotics Competitions all over the world, organizing robotics competitions in Latvia, workshops for teachers, kids and students. More information

Building robots in the following robot categories:

  • Mega Sumo robots (All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament standard);
  • Mini Sumo, Micro Sumo, Nano Sumo, Lego Sumo and iRobot Sumo;
  • Line following and Folkrace robots;
  • Racing Drones.

The following championships has been won:

  • All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament (Japan);
  • Robogames (USA);
  • Robotchallenge (Austria);
  • Robotchallenge (China);
  • Robotex (Estonia);
  • many others.


We have created iRobot Sumo educational robot category, which is very popular low cost robotics education tool, as far as 5…8 years old used iRobot Roomba robot is a perfect base for building a robot with additional functionality. Old iRobot Roomba robots are donated by people who are buying new iRobot robots.


The top Robot Sumo category – Mega Sumo, where our colleague – robotic engineer Einars Deksnis has won the highest title at All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament 2016 as the first participant from outside the Japan. All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament is the World’s leading Robot Sumo Tournament since 1988.